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Study 4:

Adult Transnational Separation Experiences in Childhood:  An Online Study 

In order to understand the implications of transnational parent-child separation from the perspective of children, this study focuses on the recollections of Chinese American adults (age 18+) who lived apart from their parents when they were young. In order to qualify for this study, participants must identify as Chinese American; must have lived in their parental home country (including the People’s Republic of China; Taiwan; and Hong Kong) for at least six consecutive months prior to age 13 while both parents resided in North America; and must retain some clear memories of the separation and reunion. This mixed methods study involves a structured online survey and an in-depth qualitative interview that explore parental motivations for separation; recollections of the separation experience and reunion; readjustment to the U.S.; and the long-term emotional impact of separation on their interpersonal and familial relationships."

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